Nan'an Honglai Op Lighting Co., Ltd.


Nan'an HonglaiOppu Lighting & Lighting Co., Ltd 10 наурыз күні біздің компанияның мұрын сымымен кеңесіп, бір реттік масканы сұрады.мұрын сымы, which has a very high protective effect. There are currently 3mm all-plastic, 3mm single-core, 3mm double-core, 3mm aluminum coiled мұрын сымыs, etc. for disposable mask мұрын сымыs. According to customer requirements, our company recommends a 3mm double-core мұрын сымы.

         In terms of protection level, the ductility and bending setting effect of aluminum coiled мұрын сымы are the best. The double-core мұрын сымы has a very good shaping effect due to the two inner wires, which is second to aluminum coil. The single core is slightly worse than the double core, and the all-plastic is the worse of the four. In terms of price, the aluminum coil мұрын сымы is made of aluminum, the material is the most expensive, and the craftsmanship is the most complicated, followed by all-plastic, followed by double-core and single-core мұрын сымыs.

         After explaining the characteristics of several мұрын сымыs to customers, I suggest that customers choose 3mm double-core мұрын сымыs and mail a sample test machine for мұрын сымыs. The customer is very satisfied and signed a contract of several tons on the spot.